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Maryal Barnett

Concord is pleased to have Maryal Barnett from Holt, Michigan train with us. Elizabeth Grainger has been working with Maryal since 2009. Maryal is a kind and patient educator. “For Maryal, teaching is more than just a profession. It is a passion. Nothing gives her greater joy than seeing her students gain the ability to grasp a skill or concept through lessons that she developed. To her, it doesn't matter whether it is the beginner rider learning to sit the trot or an advanced student improving their tempi changes. Her goal is to encourage them to develop a positive philosophy that their horse is not just a mechanical thing doing fancy movements, but a living, breathing creature that needs to be brought along in a humane and logical system. The soft look in the horse's eye and the swinging tail makes it all worthwhile. Those qualities indicate that we have also taught him to understand our system in a way that he may develop confidence in his ability to be more balanced and athletic. Dressage is not just a sport or art form for her; it is a way of life.”

Learn more at and We are currently working with Maryal to develop a full clinic schedule for 2014. Maryal will be at Concord Ridge on Thursday May 29.

For further information, please contact Elizabeth Grainger at for signup.

Concord will also be adding other clinicians in the near future. Look for further input regarding this matter.

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