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Lisa Oles featured on ADA Behind the Scenes blog

Concord Ridge Barn Manager recently sat down with to talk about the upcoming show schedule.

ADA recently spoke with Lisa Oles of Concord Ridge about their upcoming show. Lisa thanked the ADA for allowing Concord Ridge to host the first show of 2016, noting, “March 19th will kick off what I believe will be a fantastic dressage season for ADA riders. We look forward to seeing what everyone, riders and horses, have been working on through the winter.”

Lisa added that they are excited to be able to have Dolly Hannon, a “S” judge, for the “schooling” show. She noted that this quality of judging would not be possible if it were not for coordinated efforts with ADA.

She noted, “My passion is helping people reach the goals they set for themselves, which is why I believe working together is vital. This show is a perfect example of that. By working with ADA to have Dolly judge and do the clinic, we can get so much more out of it.”

Lisa added, “At Concord we strive to bring more high-level dressage to the Midwest. Last season we offered two schooling shows and a USDF Jr/YR Clinic with Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, along with a grass-roots clinic with Rosalind Kinstler. I believe this can only be done by combining forces and ADA makes that possible.”

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