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For her fourth birthday, a close family friend gave Sophia a wonderful Shetland pony (promptly named Creampuff). Sophia's Equine career had begun. Sophia quickly worked her way up through numerous local schooling shows and programs and by age 6, she (literally) outgrew; (Sophia is 5’11” today) Creampuff and graduated to horses. On a Lipizzan mare named Alicia, Sophia excelled through Saddleseat competitions and then into entry dressage tests. By age eleven, Sophia continued to excell in dressage.

Sophia Schults

Sophia currently trains at the St. Joseph stable during the summer and in the winter at the Concord stable in Wellington, Florida.

She competes at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in national competitions. Sophia’s horse, KP Safir, is trained through the Grand Prix level.

Sophia recently won a seat on the 4 member, region 2 USDF team with the North American Championship's. She is also a finalist for the USEF Seat Medal National Championship to be held in Chicago, August '15. 

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