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Chloe Fullar has trained with some of the best dressage riders in the world including Jochen Hippenstiel, Catherine Haddad-Staller, Lilo Fore, Morten Thomsen, Shannon Peters, Gary Rockwell, Jeanne McDonald, Debbie McDonald, Lendon Gray and Anne Gribbons, among others.

Chloe Fullar

She trained with Catherine Haddad-Staller for twenty years working with international champion horses and riding abroad.  Chloe started her own training business ten years ago and has brought a number of horses and riders up through the Grand Prix level.  She is able to bring quality out of horses who have physical and training challenges with her patience and consistency.


She has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of dressage and what training a dressage horse entails.  Her years of dedication have given her an innate ability to read each horse and rider and to bring out their potential.  Chloe excels in discovering the strength of each horse and is able to bring out the best in them.  She has a kind way of handling and training horses which has not gone unnoticed.


Chloe is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist a Gold Freestyle Bar recipient.  She trains horses and driven riders of all levels who are looking to increase their abilities and knowledge of dressage.  Chloe is a strong believer in fundamentals and proper training.  She develops her horses physically and mentally so they are equipped to perform to the best of their ability. 


Most recently, two of Chloe’s junior students made the 2016 NAJYRC (North American Junior Young Rider Championship).  Her students made up half of the junior team—in a competition equivalent to the Olympics for youth.  One of her students went to nationals and placed among the top ten riders in the United States.  She credits her success to her drive to set and achieve both short and long term goals for her and for her students.

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