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Concord Ridge is involved in the local community and shares a special connection to Lory’s Place, a children's bereavement Center named for Lory Schults. In the winter of 2004 when Sophia Schults was just 3 years old, her mother, Lory, tragically died in a car accident. After Lory’s passing, Sophia’s father, Ron Schults, sold his business to spend time with his children. In Lory’s memory, he helped set up Lory’s Place. 

Healing With Horses

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Since then, Lory’s Place has helped thousands of children who have lost a loved one and are in need of a refuge where one can heal. Sophia’s involvement in the center taught her to appreciate “what you have every day.”


Each summer a special day camp is held at Concord Ridge to show children experiencing loss the therapeutic benefits animals can have. Horses in particular can bring a unique level of peace and companionship. Though very large animals, especially compared to small children, horses are relatable in the way they love and even grieve.

Our Many Community Partners

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